Second Hand Ideal Guillotines

Engineered to the highest standards.

In today‘s most demanding print operations, guillotine is a fundamental part of the process. The range of Ideal Guillotines both manual  and programmable power guillotines are engineered to the highest quality, with a wide range to choose from. When building Ideal guillotines, absolute reliability and exceptional service life are prioritized above all. IDEAL is the undisputed market leader in the small-format cutting machine industry. By constantly developing our models and integrating innovative features, we guarantee to supply appropriate solutions to meet the demand for professional cutting.

These second hand machines have been fully serviced and are in near new condition Prices exclude shipping and VAT, shipping ids about £60.00 within the UK.

We also supply a constantly changing stock of second hand Ideal guillotines contact Richard at


ideal guilotines






Second-hand IDEAL 3905 Manual Desktop Guillotine
Price when new £1380 





















Second hand IDEAL 4700 Manual Guillotine Cutter
Price when new £2,860.00























Second hand IDEAL 4705 Manual Guillotine Cutter
Price when new £2,742



















Second hand IDEAL 4350 electric Guillotine Cutter
Price when new £3815.00























IDEAL 4810-95 Electric Guillotine, Fully Serviced - Pre-used
Price when new £5,280.00






















Pre-owned IDEAL 5221-05EP Programmable Guillotine With Hydraulic Clamp - 2008
Price when new £8,970.00


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