The PraGnant XS-E gold blocker





PraGnant XS gold blocker is a manual foil-blocking press for one-off titles and name stampings and was specifically designed for craft binders. The typeholders are self-centering which qualifies the PraGnant XS to be used wherever frequently changing titles or names have to be stamped.

The book case (or other stamping products) is placed upright into the machine so that the gold blocking process may be observed all the time and - if necessary - be corrected or repeated. Ex­pensive faulty blockings are therefore eliminated.

The good view onto the product makes the machine also suita­ble for other individual works (gilding, gold blocking ornaments etc.).

The PraGnant XS-E gold blocker may be used in any bindery, in arts and craft as well as in copyshops. The quick change of type as well as the easy handling of the machine and its accuracy allow high quality stampings.

The standard version of the PraGnant XS is the PraGnant XS-E. It is equipped with an electrically heated, self-centering typehol- der with 90 mm width and a thermostat to control the tempera­ture of the typeholder.
Standard delivery also includes 1 angle plate support, 30 mm to stamp on ready books, 1 small magnet to hold the product,
Technical data:
Dimensions: Stamping table: H300 x W200 mm  
ca. H43 x D36 x W25 cm inclination of table adjustable, with  
Weight: approx. 24 kgs adjustable support and lateral scales  
Power supply Pressure: approx. 250 kp by means of a knee lever.  
(Type XS-E only)  
230 Volt (A.C.) Subject to technical alteration.


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