J.Hewit & Sons Ltd

J.Hewitt & Sons Ltd

An honest account of one elderly artists experience with the dishonest, deceitful, lying, thieving and even murderous bastards called J.Hewit & Sons Ltd.


Hello & Welcome to this private page of the Eden Workshops website, I say privately in fact I am openly defaming and publicly insulting a UK based supplier of bookbinding requisites in the profound and fond hope that they will find the courage and sue me, but you have to remember that the Directors of this company are only half men, cowards who hide behind their balance sheets while openly proclaiming how proud they are to " Serve the Arts", they, J.Hewitt & Sons Ltd actually hold a Royal Warrant, but if I know our Prince Charles at all well, if he knew what these bastards had done he might just think of cancelling it.

I have a real problem as an artist, it was always a handicap to me and it always will be, I can do nothing but love unconditionally and create beauty, no, that's it, that's the sum total of which I am capable of, of course, I can think, I can be slavishly rational if I want to be, but at the time of writing I have the intellect of an infant, so intellectually I haven't even scratched the surface, I am all heart.

Now when this terrible betrayal of trust which destroyed our award winning workshop and ended my career took place I was already loving unconditionally, I was and am a deeply Spiritual man, we were invited to join a Spiritual community, we were deeply relieved as after two years back at college full time we had no where to go after we finished college, when we joined this community I had the privilege of talking at length with the Abbot I explained to him that in joining his Spiritual community we had turned our backs on the outside world, he said after listening to my story that he understood and he would welcome us into his community and spread the word among the monks that they had new brothers and sisters among them, we felt trusted and we trusted them, we felt at last my wife and I had found our true Spiritual home, so of course I trusted every body.

I also trusted the representative of the company I had to sue, and it broke my heart when I had to secretly record him in order to build a case against this horrible, deceitful company, he was a true friend, I knew his wife although not too well, my wife also trusted him completely, we had gone to college together so it was not surprising we trusted him we trusted him when he told us the company, by the way, it is called J.Hewitt & Sons Ltd, they are a Scottish company but have offices in London, or at least they did when they perpetrated the act of murder which destroyed our workshops and ended my career as an artist craftsman.

After an extremely profoundly stressful year building a case against this company I developed one of the most severe forms of mental illness, I was a complete mess, hearing voices, hallucinating, but I happen to be inspired by God (if you are interested to see this web page: click here) and so I cannot stop creating even if I wanted to and in the two months I had filled my room with vivid paintings of my visions, it was an interesting time but I was suffering from complete and utter physical, mental, spiritual exhaustion, as if this wasn't enough I also developed the most serious form of Bi Polar 1 disorder something I still suffer from 22 years later, I had to go through horrible side effects for years really terrible effects, like spiders crawling through your mind, terrible things, at is this wasn't enough I had to spend 22 years in a self-created spiritual purgatory, I really really suffered during this time, all the time moderate to severe depression I felt really suicidal at times, but the very worst of all was the fact that I have permanently damaged my daughters psyche, she now has anger issues now which affect her and will affect her all her life, this company has destroyed my life, destroyed my workshop, caused me acute distress, caused me serious mental illness which has caused my wife to suffer to, these liars have caused me really untold suffering, of course, I am angry and I ask you as book interested people to be angry too and SIMPLY BOYCOTT this dishonest company.

To this company of thieves I say by declaring myself a living Saint you know you have really pissed Heaven off, you should be afraid, if you had the balls to sue me which you don't you frightened gutless bastards you would lose enough money in personal injury claims from any fair minded judge to drive your company under, although I am now too long in the tooth to take you to court personally I have contacted professional services who told me that I could expect millions in rightful compensation, could you afford that J.Hewit's & Sons Ltd I don't think so, I think it would cause you serious problems with your cash flow, so PLEASE DO BOYCOTT this company even if you are regulars in the eyes of a Saint this company is corrupt, deceitful and indeed guilty of thievery and even murder, I proved all this once to a hard nose legal barrister, and when he said "you have a very good case" I nearly fainted with relief, of course I have a very good case, I have proved it, but I am old and my neck is scraggly my legs are spindly and my bottom droops, I am knackered and feel profoundly old, but if these thieves and murderers suddenly feel like they have a backbone after all then I very much look forward to receiving the letter from their solicitor instructing me I am being taken to court for defamation against a company who holds a Royal Warrant, but like I say they lack balls, so it will never happen. SIMPLY BOYCOTT THIS COMPANY. J.Hewitt's & Sons Ltd bastards!


Richard Norman
St Sulpice Lauriere
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