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For a bookbinder, publisher, or anyone involved in applying cold or hot glue to covering materials, one of the single biggest aids to efficiency is a cold gluing machine. If you are thinking of purchasing such a machine, read on, I have done some research for you.

If you wish to use hot glue, all the cold gluing machines mentioned come with the option of a thermostatically controlled heated glue reservoir. The prices mentioned are for the cold gluing variants.

I am passionate about cold gluing machines, when we ran our workshops in the UK I ran three of them, I am now something of an expert, I can speak confidently about the oldest and most obscure machine through to the most modern well known machines and I love talking about them, so if you have a problem and need a solution, I am the man to come to, I know all sorts of tips I can give you, like how to prevent foaming, for those in the UK or Europe I have contacts of wholesale specialist adhesive suppliers who can advise you on precisely what adhesive you should use for your situation, I am always willing to talk and your email or telephone call will always be replied to immediately.

All prices are current for 2017.



glue machineThis cold gluer is made by Glue Machinery Corporation in America.

It looks well made and all metal parts are made from stainless steel.

9, 12, 15, 18 and 21 inch widths available, so only good for A4 cases.

The 21 inch model costs £3,950.00 including delivery to the UK.

You will have to pay VAT when this machine enters the UK.  1 year warranty.


 cold gluing machinery

The American company, Potdevin, have been making cold gluing machines for a very long time.

This is the NTZ model. It comes in 27, 32 and 36 inch widths.

The 27 inch model costs £5,937.00 including delivery within the UK

You will have to pay VAT when this machine enters the UK.  1 year warranty.



tranklien gluer

This German made machine, the Tranklien Type ZW, is distributed by Perfect Bindery Solutions in the UK

It looks very impressive, all relevant parts in brass.

Size range – 300mm wide to 800mm, so good for both A4 & A3 or American equivalents.

The 650mm (26 inch) model costs £5,963.75.

This includes Tax and delivery. 1 year warranty.



prazicoat gluing machine


Made by Schmedt and distributed in the UK by FiberMark Red Bridge International Limited.

The Prazicoat Type 18 comes with an external water supply to keep the viscosity of the adhesive constant.

Size range: 500mm, 650mm & 800mm.

The 650mm (26 inch) model costs £7,890.00

Stainless steel rollers, brass optional.


This includes Tax and delivery. 1 year warranty.




CMC Italia

The CMC Italia;

The model Lynx comes in three roller widths with stainless steel rollers and trays, 520mm, 750mm & 1020mm. The 750mm machine is £8.150.00


This includes tax and delivery within the UK



sumbel gluing machine

Another German made machine by Sumbel,

Size range 20, 26, 32, & 40 inch gluing widths.

These cold gluing machines are robustly built, the sides are castings, the glue rollers and glue trays are made of brass. It also carries the CE mark.

The 650mm (26 inch) model costs £3,677.00

This includes tax and delivery to the UK. 1 year warranty.



Germany is well represented with three machines.

All these machines do the same job, and share the same basic design, so why there is so much difference in price between the three German machines I can't say, but simply compared with the Sumbel the other two machines look overpriced. The Prazicoat Type 18 is well over twice the price of the Sumbel machine.

The machine made by Glue Machinery Corporation looks well made, but it comes in a maximum width of 21 inches, so only good for A4/Letter sized cases, also you will have to pay UK VAT when it enters the country.

It is said by Potdevin, that the only problem with their machines is they last too long. But add UK VAT and we are looking at over £7000.00.

The CMC Italian machine is the most expensive of them all and doesn't appear in any way superior. Why is this machine costing £4500.00 more than  the Sumbel??

We came down in favour of the Sumbel cold gluing machine, it was one of the cheapest machines on the market, plus it came from a long established company.

German engineering is legendary and this is a well made machine which has been in production a long time, and like the old Swift it has had all the problems designed out of it, resulting in reliable machines.

So impressed were we with the Sumbel we approached the company and asked if we could become one of their agents.

We deal with the Director, Bernd Sumbel, who assured me their warranty was unconditional, right up to taking the machine back and replacing it at no cost.

So there we are, a survey of all cold gluing machines available currently and my conclusions.

Note: Other companies who sell Sumbels machines can and do, add their own mark up. From us you get the machine at the same price you would dealing with Sumbel direct. Just check around for other companies prices, do not pay £1000.00 over the odds, we only charge Sumbel factory prices.



Stop Press! June 2017

cold gluing machineThere is a new kid on the block that made a big impression at recent trade shows. It is a good quality machine made predominantly from castings

Comes in 250,400,520,720,820,920, 1020mm roller widths.

Stainless steel rollers, twin glue trays, Siemens 0.75 hp motor. CE certificate of conformity and two years warranty.

520mm model £3125.00 excluding delivery within the UK.

The Sumbel machine is a good machine at one of the best prices around, but this machine is out standing value and comes with a 2 year warranty. Download leaflet with prices here. 









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