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We supply a very wide range of brass finishing tools.

The past eighteen years has seen a huge increase in the number of brass finishing tools for which we have produced masters. Over 1300 are now gathered together in the catalogue which is free to download Although not arranged strictly in chronological order they have been grouped in similar types to make comparison and selection easier, i.e. all the small leaf tools have been put on the facing page, a selection of Intaglio tools follows for blind tooling. There are some interesting Art Nouveau tools and authentic Napoleonic designs. Most of our brass finishing tools have been arranged on a double page and are shown in pairs to help visualize centre designs that can be built up. Finally there are several pages of modern and emblematic tools.

All tools can be reduced or enlarged (please state the required height of pattern in mm or inches), an adjustment to the price may sometimes be necessary, please enquire. We realize that however many designs we show there will always be a need for special designs and exact copies for restoration. These can be made from artworks, good photocopies, photographs, slides, original bindings or fragments of leather. A quotation will be given on sight of artwork.

We can also supply a comprehensive range of decorative wheels, many having been reproduced from period bindings, desk leathers and trade catalogues. They are made to the same high standard as our other tools, very deeply cut on turned blanks 3 inches in diameter (this may vary depending on length of pattern sections). The wheels are mounted between cast gun-metal forks with specially designed shouldered steel screws, that alleviate binding. They are sold complete with fork and handle although we can supply wheels only. Most decorative wheel designs can be reduced or enlarged to order, whilst fillets can be mitred to run into corners.

We can also supply many brass decorative tools and line pallets can be made to suit most decorative wheel and fillet designs and are supplied curved with a 10 inch diameter arc unless flat tools are requested when ordering. They are made 3 inches long as standard, but can be made shorter or up to 4 inches if required (some pattern lengths are too long to completely fit onto a pallet). 3 inch pallet prices are 1/3 of the respective wheel prices.

Our pallets are engraved with extra depth around the outer edge, leaving the indentations which are an essential visual aid for preventing ‘doubling’ when additional impressions need to be located.

Gouges and pallets are made from the same hard brass as our brass finishing tools and are cut from 5mm thick sheet. The gouges are then formed to the required curves before machining, this produces better sighting than traditional cast gouges. Pallets are finished flat on the sighting side with a long bevel on the reverse. They are supplied with a 9 inch arc as standard, but
can be made flat if required. Pallets come in sets of 10, either single line, double line or thick and thin line. Gouges are sold as a set of 12, a set of 5 semi-circle, or 4 circle gouges. For more aesthetic tooling our set of 40 designer gouges and 7 blending gouges are ideal - these are also available as a
half set of 20 or they may be supplied individually (as can all tools).

Unless otherwise requested all single line pallets and gouges are made with a 1.5 point (.020 inch
/ .5mm) line thickness. Double and thick and thin line are as shown on the following page and
come with mitred ends. A starter set of gouges and pallets along with some simple hand tools are
available in the popular amateur sets (opposite page). Gouges, like our hand tools are now made
with a slightly domed face. All sets are supplied in strong wooden boxes.

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We can also provide engraved brass blocks to your artwork, email Richard at


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